10th - 15th August 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic


“Freestyle Football is not growing yearly anymore, it is growing monthly” was said by Tom Folan back in 2011. Since then over 39 000 days have passed and we are entering a new level of Freestyle Football once again. The sport has become faster, combinations are more difficult and performances are more complex. If there is a way to choose the best athletes of 8 competitions during the whole week, there are extraordinary people needed with a good comprehension on Freestyle to be able to select the right people in the fairest way. We believe this year`s judging panel will be more than capable of doing so. The concentration needed for judging is extremely vital and hard to maintain during a period of 5 days for only 5 judges. This year we are not able to maintain the same number of judges like 2019, but we will make sure there are the best options for each competition.