15th - 21st August 2021 again in Prague, Czech Republic

For Participants

  • World had stopped spinning for the while but that doesn’t apply for Super Ball.  After few depressing months we believe that world it getting back to normal and we are ready to make your summer epic again! Same hotel, new venue. Check out this section to find out about how your week will look like. Like last year all the information you may need as a participant is available to download in .pdf format straight to your device. That way, you don’t have to go online all the time to find the schedule, arrival info or rules. Simply download the file and read it thoroughly anywhere you want. Having these information handy and read them all carefully is highly recommended.
  • Download
    Super Ball vs. Covid
    PDF Super-Ball-vs-Covid.pdf
    Accommodation info
    PDF Accommodation.pdf
    Arrival info
    PDF Arrival-Info.pdf
    Full Week Schedule 2021
    PDF Schedule.pdf
    How much money should I bring?
    PDF Pocket-Money.pdf
    Beer of Prague
    PDF Prague-Beer.pdf
    PDF Surrounding.jpg