10th - 15th August 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic

SuperBall 2020

Prague – 10th to 15th August 2020

All you need is a ball!

This is the mantra which all athletes of Freestyle Football have lived by for the past 9 years. World Freestyle Football Association was formed for two simple reasons; to grow this wonderful sport in all parts of the world and give freestylers a reason to enjoy the movement together. There is one event, which has brought the best athletes to one place every year since 2009. A friendly atmosphere, spectacular stage, epic moments, amazing performances. There are plenty of words to describe Super Ball – world open Freestyle Football championship, but you could never fully understand them without experiencing it. After 3 years of returning to Prague and after the unpleasant worldwide situation served by year 2020, Super Ball is back again stronger than ever. Come and enter the world of Super Ball with us and make your summer epic!