15th - 21st August 2021 again in Prague, Czech Republic

Super Ball 2021

Prague – 15th – 21st August 2021

10 years of awesomeness

It is sometimes difficult to comprehend that a couple of people meeting on the carpet by the river or hanging out by a running track has grown into such a worldwide symbol of epic summer fun and competition for Football Freestylers around the world. It could be likened to a festival, this event has crowned world champions annually for 10 years. For 10 years the line “See you in Prague!” has been used instead of “Good Bye” after any Freestyle meeting or event. 10 years of providing motivation to do tricks with a football. A decade of opportunities to meet heroes who don’t wear a cape.

In difficult times when everything around us is constantly changing, Super Ball has become the hard rock in everyone’s life. Whether you have been or you are planning to come for the first time, this is the message to you all: See you in Prague!