6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super Ball comes back in 2022 with a myriad of suprises and a bigger setup

The Freestyle Football community will have a great reason to rejoice in 2022: the biggest and most prestigious open competition in the world, Super Ball, will be back this year with an expanded setup and a long list of innovations and surprises.

Just as in the previous edition, Super Ball 2022 will take place in the Clarion Congress Hotel in the city of Prague. This year, though, the event will happen a week earlier than usual: the best freestylers in the world, including an estimated 300 participants from over 40 countries, will gather between August 8th and 13th in the capital of the Czech Republic to crown the champions in the male and female brackets of 8 different categories.

Co-organised by the World Freestyle Football Association, the 2022 edition of Super Ball will feature a much bigger setup than last season (twice the surface of the 2021 event) and a major innovation: the first Freestyle Football Congress, a unique opportunity to celebrate the community, imagine the future of the discipline and learn about the latest trends in sports with athletes and officials from all over the world.

The 2022 edition of Super Ball, just like its predecessors, will be an open event, and athletes from all nationalities and categories will be able to participate. The registration period will begin on June 15th, 2022: freestylers and fans from around the globe will find all key information about the competition on www.superball.world.

This year’s edition of the tournament will include 8 disciplines, each of them with their male and female categories: 

  • Freestyle Battles: the main competition of the event, a clash of individual quality and mental strength in which two athletes compete by showing their best skills to a team of 5 judges
  • Freestyle routine: a showcase of individual mastery in which an athlete demonstrates their quality in sync with the music
  • Double routine: a spectacle of synchrony in which two athletes show their most amazing combined moves
  • Sick Three: a competition to find the very best combination of 3 consecutive tricks
  • Challenge: a distinctive category in which athletes perform predetermined tricks at their highest speed; specially designed for lovers of fast combinations
  • Show Flow: a competition for complete freestylers to demonstrate their absolute control over all aspects of the sport
  • Iron Man: a marathon in basic lower body combinations – only for the toughest athletes!
  • Panna KO: the legendary Street Football competition in which athletes need to show their skills when attacking… and keep their feet together when defending!

Lukáš Škoda, Super Ball Chief Tournament Director, said: “This year is particularly exciting for us. If 2021 marked the rebirth of the event after the pandemic, 2022 will represent an absolute explosion for Super Ball: we have doubled the capacity of the venue, we will offer the community more resources than ever before, and we have even added the first edition of the Freestyle Football Congress to the schedule. I have no doubt that this year will herald the start of a new era for the event – and the sport itself!”.

Steve Elias, President of the WFFA, said: “The WFFA has experienced a tremendous evolution in recent times, and this year’s edition of Super Ball will offer us a perfect opportunity to present the results of all this hard work to the global community. We have implemented a great deal of technologies and tools to help our athletes, and many more will be announced: I am really looking forward to doing so at the event!”.

Aguska Mnich, current Super Ball female champion, said: “Super Ball is a legend. For me it’s always an absolute pleasure to participate: I look forward to it every year. I have no doubt that the 2022 edition will be one of the best ever: I’ll be working very hard to renew my title there!”.

Erlend Fagerli, defending Super Ball male champion, said: “I am so excited for this year’s Super Ball! Everything I’ve been told about it makes me feel really hyped about the 2022 edition of the tournament. I’ve been working hard since last year and can’t wait to show some of my new tricks on the stage in Prague!”.

The 2022 Super Ball will be organised in partnership with local event production company PJ Art Production, an alliance that has guaranteed high-quality standards and success for the last 9 years in a row. Following the tradition of recent years, the 2022 event will be hosted by renowned Italian speaker Lorenzo Pinciroli, an unmistakable face for the Freestyle Football community.