6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super Ball 2022 to offer specific competitions for female athletes across all of its categories

The World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) has announced today the implementation of a new, key initiative in their global plan to promote equality in the sport of Freestyle Football. In order to offer female freestylers as many platforms as possible to show their skills and to support the development of the sport, this year’s edition of the biggest on-site competition in the global circuit, the 2022 Super Ball World Open, will offer a specific category for women in each and every one of its disciplines.

With this decision, the WFFA and the Super Ball organising committee are covering a historic request of the ever-growing female Freestyle Football community, whose count and competitive level have risen at an unstoppable pace in the last decade.

Minna Marlo, Head of Development at the WFFA, said: “The number of women competing at an elite level in Freestyle Football tournaments has increased dramatically in recent years. As the world governing body for the sport, we are fully committed to providing the necessary platforms to support and boost this growth, and hence we are really excited to offer this new opportunity to female freestylers”.

Lucaso Škoda, Head of Operations at the WFFA and Super Ball Chief Tournament Director, said: “Inclusion and diversity have always been ingrained in the spirit of Super Ball as a competition and as a community event, and hence for us it was just natural to expand the tournament to cater to the rising number of female participants. It makes us feel really proud to witness the development of the sport – and particularly, to be part of it!”.