6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


All competitions at Super Ball 2022 announced!

Following the tradition of recent years, the 2022 edition of Super Ball will include 8 disciplines, each of them with their male and female categories: 

  • Freestyle Battles: the main competition of the event, a clash of individual quality and mental strength in which two athletes compete by showing their best skills to a team of 5 judges
  • Freestyle routine: a showcase of individual mastery in which an athlete demonstrates their quality in sync with the music
  • Double routine: a spectacle of synchrony in which two athletes show their most amazing combined moves
  • Sick Three: a competition to find the very best combination of 3 consecutive tricks
  • Challenge: a distinctive category in which athletes perform predetermined tricks at their highest speed; specially designed for lovers of fast combinations
  • Show Flow: a competition for complete freestylers to demonstrate their absolute control over all aspects of the sport
  • Iron Man: a marathon in basic lower body combinations – only for the toughest athletes!
  • Panna KO: the legendary Street Football competition in which athletes need to show their skills when attacking… and keep their feet together when defending!