6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super Ball 2020, like any other year!

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year challenged by the global pandemic, but it’s not going to be remembered as the year when Super Ball could not be held. The world situation affected the numbers of Super Ball, but it couldn’t affect the vibe that guarantees the best week of the year for many freestylers. 

In this year’s Super Ball no world championships titles were given, as the competition was a world open freestyle competition. Nevertheless, it lured over 60 participants to compete in the Super Ball competition set up in the PVA Expo Prague.  

There were some rule changes in a couple of competitions: In Kill The Beat competition the players picked randomly one song out of five to do their musical performance. Previously in the competition the same beat was played to everyone. And in the finals of the battles, the classic time limit of 3 x 30 seconds was erased and players could do their three runs without time restrictions. 

In the ‘lower body-based’ freestyle competitions, the Italian domination continued. As the previous year’s master Luca Chiarvesio was a judge this year, it left room for his fellow countryman Davide Pisani to clear the table of gold in Challenge and Sick3. 

The player who got the most medals was a young Spaniard Alvaro Lopez. He got silver medals in Sick3 and in Double Routines with Dieguinho. He also won the gold medal in the traditional Show Flow competition. And on top of that, he finished fourth in battles when he tightly lost to a Super Ball all time legend PWG in the bronze battle. 

The Battle’s gold medal went for the first time in the Netherlands. Jesse Marlet, who’s improvement has been outstanding, won Polish Robert Guzik in the epic final. In the Female Battles, Polish Aguska Mnich was able to defend her title as she won English Rebecka Hugill in the final. 

The competition results:

Rookie Battles:

  1. Joachim Oudin (France)
  2. Lukas Kotva (Czech rep.)
  3. Luca Placentino (UK)
  4. Alex Yates (UK)

Intermediate Battles:

  1. Bodhi Bos (Ned)
  2. Michal Horvy (Czech rep.)
  3. Mateo Serri (France)
  4. Diego Amoros Gomez (Spain)

Kill The Beat

  1. Mathieu Pierron (France)


  1. Davide Pisani (Italy)
  2. Alex Cid (UK)
  3. Mateo Serri (France)

Sick 3 

  1. Davide Pisani (Italy)
  2. Alvaro Lopez (Spain)
  3. Jannik Singpiel (Germany)

Show Flow

  1. Alvaro Lopez (Spain)
  2. Philip Warren Gertsson (Philippines)
  3. Michal Horvat (Czech Rep.)


  1. Shohei Fujimoto (Japan)
  2. Patrick Bäurer (Germany)
  3. Michal Novacki (Poland)

Double Routine

  1. Michal Novacki & Filip Lukojko (Poland)
  2. Alvaro Lopez & Diego Amoros Gomez (Spain)

Panna 1v1.

  1. Jack Downer (UK)
  2. Bill Mack (UK)
  3. Jordan Meunier (France)

Female Battles

  1. Aguska Mnich (Poland)
  2. Rebecka Hugill (UK)
  3. Paloma Pujol (Spain)
  4. Pola Gomez (France)


  1. Jesse Marlet (The Netherlands)
  2. Robert Guzik (Poland)
  3. Philip Warren Gertsson (Philippines)
  4. Alvaro Lopez (Spain)