6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


SuperBall 2020 is now official!

It looked like it’s not going to happen, but the community’s message was heard.

The most majestic freestyle event is happening this year in August 10th to 15th in Prague’s exhibition center PVA EXPO Prague. There will be a single hall dedicated to freestyle, around the clock, during the event.

The corona virus has naturally affected the organising the event a lot and with travel restrictions organizers know that you might have some difficulties. That is why they will make sure that you are being taken good care of. Accommodation, food, travels… all will be arranged if you wish so.

Anyway some of the competitions had to be dropped off to ensure the event runs smoothly but some others will popp up (new formats). Every participant is still welcomed to join the competitions that will be held.

But what has not changed is the guaranteed, one-of-a-kind Super Ball atmosphere. After the day of competitions, there will be video screenings, chill-out zone with catering and beverages and of course, the nightly training sessions.

So spread the word, Super Ball is BACK!