6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super Ball 2018 video collection

As usual, Super Ball 2018 was recorded by dozens of freestylers. It’s time to enjoy the after movies!

If you’re looking for videos from individual battles or competitions, take a look at Flair20TV YouTube channel or Super Ball official YouTube channel

“SUPER BALL 2018 | Battle Highlights” by Sven Fielitz / TekNeek (Luxemburg)

“Superball World Freestyle Football Championship Highlights 2018” by CD (India)

“Super Ball 2018 Never Lets You Go” by Jokas (Denmark)

“Super Ball 2018 – Prague | Make Freestyle Football” by Pawel Kot (Poland)

“Prague /// Superball 2018 (Short aftermovie)” by Jakob Jeselnik

“Super Ball 2018 – SISM” by SISM (Colombia)

“SUPERBALL 2018” by Miłosz Pazek (Poland)

“Superball 2018” by Jose Kristoffersson (Bolivia)

“Relacje JF (#4) Superball 2018 – Mistrzostwa Świata Freestyle Football w Pradze” by Michał Brzezicki (Poland)

Our Journey to Prague – SuperBall 2018 by Katerina Karali (Greece)

If you have a video from Super Ball 2018 but it’s not listed here, please send us the link to our facebook page!