6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Day two in Super Ball 2017

For the participants of Super Ball it was a long but very entertaining day

Tuesday started off with the Rookie battles. Federico Massignani, Lorenz Marius Kleven and Pekko PeGe Piirto were judging the competition that was held in the morning. There was many competitors who tried their skills in the main battles but were knocked out and got a new try in the Rookie battles. After 14 circles and the first rounds of the battles there were four guys remaining. In the bronze battle Zagorski from Poland faced Finn from the Netherlands. Zagorski was stronger and got the bronze medal. In the final of Rookie battles there was once again a Swedish player Oskar, who faced Sammy from USA. The battle in the final was very tight. Last year the gold medal went to Sweden for Jonas and it goes there again as Oskar defeated Sammy.

The Rookie battles took longer than expected, so the intermediate battle was removed for the thursday. At noon started the elimination round of the battles. In total 100 players battled in 25 circles and the winner of every circle went straight to the top32. Judges picked 14 players to the seven extra battles for the remaining spots in top32. There was no any big surprises in the elimination round, as the most number one ranked players managed to win their group. The extra battles and the battles for the top16 in the big final will be held tomorrow

After the battles were done the participants got to enjoy the wonderful Routines qualifications. This year the level of routines was really high and there was a lot of participants aiming for the place in the big final. For example Luki from Poland performed a really high level routine. Judges are going to pick five best routines to do their performance in the big final.

When the sun had set and a champions league qualifier started in the big stadium nearby it was time for the one of the most anticipated compeition – The Sick three. This year we got to witness almost unreal combos. With the lead of Conor Reynolds, Charly Iacono, Pekko PeGe Piirto, Jaime Arbeteta and Lars Munck were really precise with many combos and many times video review was needed. Ricardinho from Brazil did amazing Alternative Palle Around The World – Alternative Mitchy Around The World – Alternative Eldo Around The World which will for sure give him a good result.