6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Day one in Super Ball 2017

The players program started yesterday with registration and players meeting but the first competitions started today.

Super Ball started off with three competitions: The Show Flow, Battles (qualification round) and the Iron man. Miran Pirner, Lorenz Marius Kleven and Pekko PeGe Piirto judged the Show Flow competition that was the first competition of this years Super Ball. The last years winner Erlend Fagerli was really strong again. Also his brother Brynjar performed a very high level routine of 30 seconds. Unfortunately, the runner-up from last year, PWG, couldn’t complete his routine and he was knocked out. The results of the Show Flow will be announced later this week.

The competition which determines the new world champion, The Battles, started today. Miran Pirner, Lars Munck, Mael Kevin Fortin, Bengau and Charly Iacono were judging the record breaking 48 qualification circles. All together it took eight hours for these battles to be completed. From the circles 100 players in total will proceed to the elimination round, that will be held tomorrow.

The last competition of freestylers was the competition for long combos, the Iron man. This year also Iron man broke the participants record. This competition was judged by Pekko PeGe Piirto, Conor Reynolds, Federico Massignani, Lorenz Marius Kleven and Jaime Arbeteta. The judges took time of each combo and the longest combos made their way to the final round. In the final round Alekseev, Guzik, Tobias and the last years winner Jairo made the competition very tight. After one minute and 20 seconds the competition got a winner when Jairo dropped his combo and left Tobias from Norway doing his combo and winning the title for the Iron man.

The participants of Super Ball can still enjoy the underground vibes as the Panna KO competition is on. Panna has become very popular over the years and the street players are going to try hard to win the anticipated Super Ball Panna KO-title.