6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super ball 2017 is on!

Super ball. The 2 simple words which means different things to many people. Some of them just mistake it with final of American Football. Some of them still live in a past and think its a toy. For a Football Freestyler from anywhere on the world these words mean much more. It means he knows what he is going to do in August. It means he has the motivation to train harder to show himself on the biggest Freestyle Football event. It means he can meet all his friends and share one passion together. He knows that on this event time doesnt matter and there is nothing like “being tired” or “lack energy”. All his days are going to this one very week to live it to its fullest.

This all puts a lot of pressure on organisers. To be responsible for so many people and securing good time to them is hard work. But at the end when we just take a walk through hundreds of people blasting combinations even at 3am in gym and we see the sparkle and excitement everywhere, it is more than worth it. Every year we are trying our best to deliver unique event. In spite of the fact that format of competition is not changing, there are usually even small updates. If it is change of venue, different welcome pack, small changes in time table, new programs, better night life or just a small improvement in information flow. We are always trying to think ahead.

That is why after 3 years in city of Liberec, which has been amazing host and reason why Super ball grew enourmously, we are returning back to where it all started, Prague. The whole week of qualifications will happen once again in athletic area of Slavia Prague and all people are going to stay in Hotel Slavia. But we are going to bring professional set up from Liberec to fulfill similar standards for all athletes. The final venue this year is going to be Jan Palach square in city centre of Prague with one of the best backdrops in Europe starring Prague castle and national opera Rudolfinum. Once again live streamed to TV and online around the world so even if you are not able to come personally, we are going to deliver Super ball 2017 to your home.

That being said we are delighted to finish updating the website and opening online registration on 1st February 2017 for everyone to start with their planning. Remember, sooner you register, bigger chance of securing your place at hotel you have.

We are delighted to bring this event back to Prague and we hope you are going to enjoy it as any other year.

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Lucaso – chief event director