6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super Ball 2016 review

Super Ball 2016 was an amazing succes


This years Super Ball had everything; passion, friends, surprises, amazing performances, anything you could ask for a freestyle event. There was 234 players from 41 countries. But also about 20 freestylers came by to check it out, so all together there was about 250 freestylers from all over the world! With that many freestylers it is obvious that such event is going to be legendary. And it indeed was

Not only freestyle competitions

In the warm-up party 4Freestyle published it’s newest product, the 4Freestyle shoes. Players who were there had the opportunity to try the shoes on and try how it feels like to freestyle with shoes that are purely made for the purpose. The general first feeling about the shoes is that they are great. The next day after the warm-up party was the LiBEERec competition. Calle Ahlden who had a tough group in battles had a better stamina in this competition and took the gold medal to Sweden. And as always, the night gym was very crowded almost every night. At the night gym player’s could freestyle and meet new freestylers.

Competitions were outstanding

For the first time ever there were 8 judges judging the competitions of the week. The main judges were Rocco from Hungary, Jaime Artebeta from Spain, Kamalio from South Africa, Fed from Italy and Bengau as the head judge. The three extra judges were PeGe Piirto from Finland, Conor Reynolds from Ireland and the lowers legend himself, Akim from Russia.

This year was the second time when rookie battles were part of the schedule. The rookies showed some promising signs in their battles. The extra judges who judged the Rookie Battles were really impressed by Pasi’s really smooth style. But Swedish Jonas and Olle impressed judges the most and they were also the finalists in the Rookie Battle world final. Jonas was slightly better and won the gold metal.

The Rookie Battle results

    1. Jonas Wikström (Sweden)
    2. Olle Wallinder (Sweden)
    3. Pascal Laschet (Austria)
    4. Egor Radionenko (Belarus)

A popular competition from Russia, Iron Man, replaced the old Max1 competition in this years Super Ball. The competition where you need to only do one combo as long as possible was surely really entertaining competition. The longest combos were seen on the final round. Tobias made a combo that was 1 min. 02 sec. and Borgs combo was just two seconds longer. But Jairo from Mexico made an amazing combo 1 min. 37 sec. long and won the first Iron Man in Super Ball.

Iron Man Results

    1. John Jairo Gonzalez (Mexico)
    2. Tobias Brandal Busaet (Norway)
    3. Andres Borg (Denmark)

Sick3 was as great as always. This year only 8 players were able to land a clean 3-trick-combo. But the combos that were landed were really awesome. The top3 combos were a difficult ones to pick the winner. Gunter did TATW-RSATW-AHTATW (all nt). Like Gunter, Tobias also used his super skill. Tobias did PMATW-AMATW-PATW. But Pavlinoff was able to renew his sick3 world title with his insane SKMATW-TAATW-SKAATW combo.

Sick3 Results

    1. Anton Pavlinoff (Russia)
    2. Tobias Brandal Busaet (Norway)
    3. Gunther Celli (Italy)

Show Flow was one of those competitions that increased it’s level. There was a lot of variety in the little 30 second routines where the player needs to perform all categories of freestyle. The biggest flow was performed by Erlend. The ball didn’t stop anywhere during his routine and it was ana amazing run from him.

Show Flow Results

    1. Erlend Fagerli (Norway)
    2. Philip Warren Gertsson (Philippines)
    3. Yorok Zamora (Egypt)
    4. Martin Schopf (Austria)
    5. Sebastian Boyka Ortiz (Colombia)

Every time so anticpated competition, Challenge, was as entertaining as we could have expected. The combo list was made by Memo, ARS, and TF. Memo unfortunately was injured so he couldn’t compete and TF wasn’t in Super Ball this year. ARS was and he also managed to go to the second last round with another Russian lower master, Alekseev. But Italian Luca was able to reach the last round, the round 15 in Challenge which gave him the victory.

Challenge results

    1. Luca Chiarvesio (Italy)
    2. Timur Alekseev (Russia)
    3. Ars Klementv (Russia)

Panna tournament has become part of the program in Super Ball. The Panna tournament final was played at the Golf Club. A few pannas were seen and Sami from Footstyle performed some basketball panna as well. After all in the final panna legend Liicht lost by score to Mounir who was crowned the panna champion 2016.

Panna Results

    1. Mounir Chd (Belgium)
    2. Kristoffer Liicht (Denmark)
    3. Brandon Ortega (Mexico)

The big final at the main square in Liberec was an incredible event. The program included the Routine finals, Double routine finals, Female Battle finals and of course the Battle finals. The whole square was totally full and there was hundreds of spectators enjoying the great show. One of the best show’s were seen in the Routine finals. For years many have tried to beat Gautier in the Routine competition. But once again Gautier’s amazing routine was just too good for anyone to beat. In his final routine Andrew Henderson and Daniel Dennehy gave him instructions via video.

Routine Results

    1. Gautier Fayolle (France
    2. Yoshihito Yosshi Yamamoto (Japan)
    3. Adrian Franek (Poland)

The Japanese were trying hard to become the Double Routine world champions again. There were three Japanese duos in the Double Routine final but only one duo was able to reach the podium even every Double Routine was really high level. This year Clem wasn’t teamed up with Gautier but he did his routine with Jordan. Their routine told a story about the world peace and it was really touching double routine. But being training for a year the amazing Fagerli brothers were able to win the Double Routines with an incredible new kind of routine.

Double Routine Results

    1. Erlend & Brynjar Fagerli (Norway)
    2. Clem Keym & Jordan Meunier (France)
    3. Yoshihito Yosshi Yamamoto & Yuji Yu-J Morishima (Japan)

The Female Battles were really interesting this year as none of the previous champions, Laura, Kitti or Melody were not competing. Caitlyn from USA gave the warning signs in the qualifying rounds as her performance was really steady and included a lot of difficult stuff. Caitlyn, Lucia, Kalina and Jasmijn were the four girls who made it to the big stage in the finals. In the big final Kalina stepped up her game and won Lucia in the final.

Female Battle Results

    1. Kalina Matysiak (Poland)
    2. Lucia Kevicka (Slovakia)
    3. Caitlyn Schrepfer (USA)

The top16 of the Battle finals was the most likely the most amazing freestyle battle tournament ever. Two of the battles were totally out of this world. First of them was Brynjar vs. Ricardinho. During the whole battle everyone at the stands were screaming and applausing for the two guys. Brynjar won the thriller were not a single drop was seen. The other extremely outstanding battle was the semifinal between Tobias and Källdoff. Both of them performed legenday lower combos in their first rounds. Tobias did PATW combo to 22 NT’s and Källdoff did the current world record of MATW NT’s, 27. Tobias was able to win the battle 3-2 and proceeded to the final where he met last years finalist, Erlend. This year Erlend was just in amazing shape and didn’t climb on the podium nowhere than to the middle stand. Erlend was able to win the Show Flow, the Double Routines and also the World Championship of freestyle football.

Battle Results

    1. Erlend Fagerli (Norway)
    2. Tobias Brandal Busaet (Norway)
    3. Källdoff (Sweden)
    4. Brynjar Fagerli (Norway)

This years Super Ball showed once again how the level of freestyle is growing everywhere in the world. The amazing Fagerli brothers were the kings of this Super Ball and definately wrote their names permanently on history books of freestyle with their amazing skills.