6th - 11th August 2023 again in Prague, Czech Republic


Super Ball 2016 Schedule for the week of your life

Super Ball is a week designed purely for freestyle. Here’s the program for each day:

Sunday 14th. of August is the first day when something happens. There will be three buses departing from the Slavia Hotel in Prague to the venue in Liberec. The first two buses are departing at 3pm. and after those there will be one bus leaving at 8 pm and the last at midnight. When players have arrived to the Hotel Arena there will be free time to see old friends and meet new ones. The training hall will be open from 10pm-5am every night including the

Monday 15th. is a day to prepare for the competitions. Players will do their registration that is open from 9am-6pm. At 6.30 pm there will be player’s meeting at the qualification tribune and organizers will welcome everyone to Super Ball. Also the judges will be introduced to the players there. A good program for the rookies (and why not for the experienced players) will take place at 8pm in Freestyle Football clinic. The best freestylers of the world will share tips for training, competing, and FSlife in general.

The competitions will start on Tuesday. The day kicks off with Rookie battle qualification at 11 am. The rest of the day will be the battles qualification, the first series of battles from 12am-3pm and the second series of battles from 3pm-7p. After all the battle qualifications there will be free time to enjoy everything Super Ball and Liberec has to offer.

Wendsday is full of interesting program. The day starts with Iron Man contest at 11 am. When all the long combos are done, it is time for the elimination stage of the battles at 12.30 am. There will be a short break after the elimination and after that there will be a first ever Battle request. In Battle request any Super Ball participant can challenge any player to Battle, and players can only decline from the battle for serious reasons. About 12 battle challenges will be seen from 4pm-5pm. The last freestyle event of Wendsday is Routine qualification from 5pm-7pm. The Wendsday evening offers a possibility to go party, as there’s Warm up party at the famous Golf Bar.

Thursday kicks off with the Rookie Battle finals. Rookies will battle for the world title from 11am-12am. When the new rookie world champion is crowned, it is time for the additional rounds and the top32 of the Battles from 12am-2.30pm. It follows a short break, and then will be the Double routine qualification from 3pm-4.30pm. After that the female freestylers will be unleashed at the stage as female battle qualification starts at 4.30 pm. That’s all for the competitons on Thursday. The same evening players have a chance to take part in optional “sportish” competition, the famous LiBEERec. More information about LiBEERec can be found from “For participants” section at Super Ball website. Also on Thursday and Friday top16 players are been taken to the city of Liberec to film their intros for the finals. These intros will be later seen on Super Ball youtube channel.

Friday the players will enjoy the exciting extra competitions. The day starts with Sick3 at 11am. When the sick combos have been witnessed, it is time for the Show Flow competition at 2pm. The last competiton is usually the most anticipated Challenge. This competition will be 4 hours of pure excitement. Friday evening is the time for the Panna players to shine, as the Panna event takes place at the Golf Bar from 10pm on.

Saturday is the day when the new world champions of freestyle football will be crowned as the finals are taking place for the first time in the heart of Liberec. The Super Ball final ceremony starts at 6.10 pm. During the finals we are going to have a new Female battle champion, Routine champion, Double routine champion and of course the Battle world champion. The finals will end to awards ceremony at 10.30 pm and at 10.50pm it is time to leave what some could say “mental” after party at the Golf bar.

Everything good comes to an end. Sunday 21st of August is the end of Super Ball 2016. The shuttle buses to Prague depart at 2pm from the Hotel Arena.

The precise schedule is here